Table Of Contents

  1. 1 Home page
  2. 2 Registration
  3. 3. Login
  4. 4.Create Store
  5. 5.Seller Dashboard
  6. 6.Buyer Dashboard
  7. 7.Buy Now
  8. 8.Donation


1. Homepage


Home page contains following options,



Membership plans:



1.1 Static Pages






2. Registration


Seller Registration-  Sellers can act as both, sellers and buyers, i.e. they can sell as well as buy products. Sellers can directly register and log in to the site.


Buyer Registration- By registering as a buyer, a user can only buy products. A buyer can register only by opening the link shared by a seller.


2.1 Seller Registration


Step 1: Click the Register option to navigate to the Select Plan page.


Step 2: Select desired plan and click “Get Started”.


Step 3: Fill in all the details on the Registration page.



 Step 4: Click “Register” to receive a mobile verification code

Click “Resend Code ” if you don’t get one in 5 minutes. Enter the code and click on “Confirm Code”.



Step 5: Check registered email for account activation. Clicking the activation link will redirect you to the login page.



2.2 Buyer Registration



3. Login


3.1 Forgot Password

3.2 Reset Password


4. Create Store


Step 1:Fill in the following details and click on “Next Step”.


After filling all the fields click “Next step”, it will navigate to Address page.


Step 2: Address



Step 3: Card Information




5. Seller Dashboard

5.1 My Store

Store is a collection of multiple products, where the buyer can purchase and buy products.

5.1.1 Edit store

5.1.2 Edit categories

5.1.5 Analytics

Users can view useful analytics of their shop, including:


5.1.6 Customers

            Here you can analyze past customers and their purchases as well as your customer list.


View Customer Purchase

My Customer List

5.1.7 Feedback

5.2 My Products

5.2.1 Add Products

5.2.2 Drafts

5.2.3 Posted Products

Listed products are shown here, categorized as Open, Sold, Closed or Upcoming.

Product ID, title, image, creation date, shop/event, status, and action are displayed. Users can sort products as All, Open, Sold or Closed.

5.2.4 Photo Uploader

5.2.5 Create Discount

5.3 My Event

Event is similar to a store and can be shared with buyers. It is a collection of multiple products where the buyer can purchase and buy products.

5.3.1 Create Event

After creating an event

5.3.2 Pull Inventory

5.3.3 Event Theme

5.3.4 Event Management

5.3.5 View Event

5.3.6 Leaderboard

5.3.7 Event Customers

View Event Customer Purchase


My Customer list for events

Add Customers

5.3.8 Event Analytics

Displays the following graphs and reports:

”View Reports” option will display the following reports:

  • Purchase sheet preview
  • Print Purchase sheet

    5.3.9 Donors

    Here we can Add Donor, Manage Donor, Import Donor, Export Donor and generate Donor Report.

    Add Donor

                We can add donors by filling the requisite details.


    Donor Management

               Displays all donors and gives options to edit details.


    Import Donor


    Sellers can import the donor lists from external sources:


    Step 1: Download the sample CSV file

    Step 2: Open the file using any spreadsheet program (e.g. Excel or Numbers)

    Step 3: Copy and paste your information in the sample file

    Step 4: Make sure NOT to delete any of the headers (first row) included in the sample

    Step 5: Save the file as a CSV (comma separated value)

    Step 6: Import the file into Purchase via the "choose file" button

    Step 7: Click “Upload CSV”


    Export Donor

                Selecting “Export” will download a CSV file with details of the donors


    Donor Report

                Displays a downloadable list of donor details with a search option.


    5.3.10 Advertise Management

    5.4 Settings


    5.4.1 Store settings

    5.4.2 Personal Profile

    5.4.3 Reset Password

    5.4.4 Payment Settings

    5.4.5 Notification

    5.4.6 Manage Account

    5.4.7 eBay Settings

    5.4.8 Cancel Subscription

    5.5 FAQs


    1. How do I add my Paypal address?

    The “PayPpal Settings” option is under “Settings” in the dashboard. Here you can click on “Connect with PayPpal”, enter your email address, country/region and password. Then select “Go back to your facilitator’s store” to go back to the store. Sellers cannot list products without connecting their PayPpal account.



    1. How to Cancel my Subscription?

    You will be asked to subscribe to any one of the membership before registering as a seller. If you want to cancel the subscription, In Your dashboard you can find settings, Go to settings there you will find “Cancel Subscription”. Clicking on it will take you to cancel subscription page there you have to give the reason for canceling the subscription and click on Cancel Subscription Button. A confirmation popup will be displayed by clicking on “ok” will successfully cancel your subscription.

    1. How to create store?

    Sellers can create their own stores in just 3 simple steps:
    1.Fill all the mandatory fields to complete the registration.
    2.Fill in the address fields
    3.Enter credit card information


    1. How to Create Event?

    Creating an event is same as store. In your dashboard on the left menu you will find “My event” then Click on create Event and fill the following details to create the event. After filling all the fields and click on save. Event will be created. You can also share the event URL to the buyers.


    1. Why should I add Categories?

    Categories help in classifying different types of products and displaying products in an easy-to-find and user-friendly manner in the store.


    1. How can I Donate to Charity?

    For donating to charity, clock on “Donate Here” option on Event View page or during checkout.


    1. How to create Discount in my Store?

    Discounts can be offered on individual products or entire categories to particular or all buyers via special codes. The process of creating and sharing discount codes is explained in 5.2.5 Create Discount.




    1. Can I Pause my Store and How?

    Sellers can take a break from selling without closing their stores completely by clicking on “Pause Store”. Customers will still be able to view the products but not buy them. Your settings will be saved until you’re ready to sell again. After pausing the store, the button will change to “Restart Store”. Clicking on it will restart your store with the same settings as before.


    1. How to Improve my sales?

    Experts can help you customize your store or advise on how to boost sales. Go to settings in the dashboard, click on “Manage Account, and find “Hire Shop Expert” at the bottom of the page. Fill in the requisite details and someone will get back to you soon with ideas.


    1. Why should I have a staff to my event/store?

    Adding 1-2 staff members to stores or events helps when the owner is unavailable or busy. The staff can act as sub-owners and look after areas that the owner has given the permission for.


    1. How to add a staff to my store/ Event?

    To add upto 3 staff members to your store or event, check 5.4.6 Manage Account.

    1. How do I change themes?

    “My Store” has a long menu of themes. To change the current theme, select the one you like and click on “Set as Default”.


    1. How do I manage inventory in my products?



    1. How do I get reports for event and shop?

    To get reports for an event or store, see 5.1.5 Analytics.


    1. How do i create Purchase sheet ?

    5.6 Watchlist

    Items- Liked items are displayed in the Watchlist. Clicking on “View” will redirect to the product view page. Delete will remove the item from the watchlist.


    Stores- Liked stores are displayed here. Clicking on “View” will redirect to the marketplace. Delete will remove the store from the watchlist.


    5.7 Your Purchases

    Details of purchased products are displayed here along with payment details. Clicking on the item description will redirect to its store. If payment is not done, a “Pay” button will be displayed for completing the payment.


    6. Buyer Dashboard

    6.1 MarketPlace

    6.2 Watchlist

    Items- Items that you liked will display in watchlist. Clicking on view will redirect to product view page. Delete will remove item from watchlist


    Stores- Items that you liked will display in the watchlist. Clicking on view will redirect to the product view page. Delete will remove item from watchlist


    6.3 your purchases

    Purchased products are displayed here along with the product and payment details. Clicking on the item description will redirect to its store. If payment is not completed, a “Pay” button will be displayed to complete the payment


    6.4 Settings

    6.4.1 Personal profile

    6.4.2 Reset password

                    We can reset password by giving  old password, new password, confirm password and click on “Save” button,


    7. Buy now

    7.1 Buy now

    7.2 Only Buy Now

    8. Donation

    8.1 Donate directly


    8.2 Donate during Checkout

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