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General FAQ

What is Outsource ?

An end-to-end eCommerce solution that has everything you need to build your web store. Our site builder has features for everybody from beginners to ecommerce experts.

Why should I consider Outsource?

Outsource’s services are available at a suitable price for everybody. If you’re on an extremely tight budget, you'll be able to obtain Outsource Small for just $50 a month. If you’re searching for a white-glove service, then Outsource Medium or Large is the plan for you. Thanks to our seamless design, you'll be able to migrate to higher plans as your business grows without any issue.

Do I need to be a Designer/Developer to use OUTSOURCE?

No. Our service is designed in a very straightforward and easy to understand way. However, should you wish to customize your website with custom code as per your design and vision, we can work with you to do just that. If you’d prefer to stay away from all the hustle-bustle, we provide tools to accomplish all your work in a click or two. It’s your choice!

How does OUTSOURCE work?

Outsource helps you build your store to sell online as well as link it to a variety of social media platforms for branding and marketing exposure.

What packages do you offer?

You can select from 3 packages

Small: US $50/Month
Medium: US $2750/Year
Large: US $5000/Year

For a detailed comparison, please see our Pricing page Click here . All packages offer a 7-day free trial so you can test things out.

Which browsers support Outsource?

We recommend to always use modern and up-to-date browsers for the best user experience. We support desktop as well as mobile device browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Google Chrome for Android, etc.


No, but you can always get a complete tour of our tools and services and start your online store with a 7-day trial with a minimum payment of as low as $50 per month.

What technologies is Outsource built on?

We use the latest web technologies and frameworks like Node.js and React.Js unlike our competitors whose products are built on much older technologies.

Does Outsource have a trial period?

Yes. We offer a 7-day free trial period.

How can I purchase Outsource themes?

Each tier has multiple choices of preset themes to modify your store’s appearance. The Small package has 7-10 standard themes while the Medium package has 25 Themes. For our customers on the Large package, we customize the themes and tailor them to fit your precise needs.

Can I use my own Domain name with OUTSOURCE?

Yes. All packages are white labeled meaning they can be used in conjunction with your domain.

What user languages does Outsource support?

Every web app we build comes with 2 languages out of the gate. You can easily add more. We work closely with customers requiring assistance with translation. You have a choice of 15 pre-built languages and 15 currencies available to deploy.

What is the payment plan for OUTSOURCE?

We have 3 separate packages that users can choose from. The billing cycle for the Small package is a rolling monthly period. Medium and Large packages are available only annually.

Payments are to be made in full prior to the set-up and deployment of the storefront/site solutions.

If you want us to build a custom website for you, give us a call at (972) 200-5516 and we’ll set up a free consultation where we can go over your business idea and prepare a quote based on the features you need.

Can I create multiple stores by the same account?

Yes in Outsource Medium and large this feature is provided to the customers.

How often do you offer updates?

We are constantly working to develop and improve our software and services. Security updates are deployed constantly depending on known advisories and security bulletins. Feature updates are constantly evolving and being tested prior to any deployment to ensure the best, uninterrupted experience for all our users.

Outsource Small FAQ's

What is Outsource Small?

Outsource Small is an inexpensive plan that enables you to sell products on a new website. You'll be able to use Messenger chats, sell online and offline, and send invoices on the $50 plan.

How much does it cost to have a store built by a developer?

Easy and smart - one click and go! Just $50 per month with a full flow marketplace available for any organization or individual seller store ready to go. Small is a SaaS solution and a developer is not required.

Is there a working demo I can use?

Please visit our demo page. We also have a complete tour with videos here.
We will be happy to answer any of your questions. Write to us at sales@yourstore.com or contact at (972) 200-5516.

Is it safe to buy from Outsource-small?

Yes. We use the best security practices to ensure our customers’ details and records are kept safe and secure.

Backend tech for Outsource-small?

The back-end is built on Node.js with Express.js framework and connected to Mysql which is known for its speed and performance using asynchronous methods.

Do I need to pay for a year in advance or in monthly instalments?

For Outsource-Small, we have a pocket-friendly, monthly installment rate of just $50 per month.

Does Outsource-Small allow cancelling my subscriptions?

We have a monthly payment policy for Outsource-mall at just $50/month so that it is extremely affordable and can be cancelled anytime.

How much does Outsource-small cost?

Only $50 per month.

Is it available all over the world?

Yes , indeed we are.

How do I add my PayPal address?

When you pay for an order, PayPal asks for the shipping address where you want the merchant to ship your order. Although your home address is the default, you can add alternative addresses. This displays a list of your current shipping addresses.

How to Cancel my Subscription?

If you want to cancel the subscription, please visit your Dashboard. In the Settings, you will find a “Cancel Subscription” button . Clicking on it will take you to a page where you can cancel your subscription after giving us a reason for your decision. A confirmation popup will be displayed - clicking on “Ok” will successfully cancel your subscription.

How to create store?

Sellers can create their own store in just 3 steps :

1. Fill all the mandatory fields to complete the first process and click “Next Step”

2. Enter your Address in the relevant fields and click “Next Step”.

3. Enter your payment details.

You will be shown the plan that you have selected before registration. Clicking “Complete” will create your store.(For more details refer to HELP CENTRE 5.1)

How to Create Event?

In your dashboard, on the left side menu, click on “My Event”. Next, click on “Create Event” and fill the relevant details to create the event. After filling all the fields, click on “Save”. Your event will then be created. You can also share the event URL with the buyers.(For more details refer to HELP CENTRE 5.3.1)

Why should I add Categories?

Adding categories helps your customers to navigate through your store’s inventory with ease. Stores that are well-organized and easy to browse display an improved customer and buying experience. In addition, this also allows a store owner to gain useful insight and metrics on the various products that are being sold in the store.

How can I add an option for my buyers to donate to charity?

You can add an option of using “Donate here” on the Event View page. Alternately, during Checkout, a buyer will be presented with the option to donate to charity as well. The additional amount will be added to the buyer’s final payment amount.

How can I create Discount in my Store?

In your dashboard on the left menu, visit the “My Products” section. A sub-menu with the “Create Discount” option is shown. Click on “Create Discount” and fill the required fields. You can enter a discount code manually or clicking on “Generate code” will generate a random code. There are 3 Discount types Percentage, Fixed Amount, and Free shipping. Choose the products for which the discount should apply – you can choose individual products or a range of products. You can also set up additional conditions that need to be fulfilled by a buyer before the discount is applied such as “Minimum Quantity” of items. The discount can also be filtered by Customer Eligibility to ensure only specific customers are granted discounts. Usage limits can also be set to specify the number of times the discount can be used in total. The time period for which the code is valid can also be specified here(For more details refer to HELP CENTRE 5.2.5).

Can I Pause my Store and How?

Yes, you can. Take a break from selling, but don’t close your store completely. Your customers will still be able to view your products but they won’t be able to buy them. Your settings will be saved until you’re ready to sell again. To do so, go to “Settings” in your dashboard. Click on “Manage account” and at the bottom of the page you will find the option to pause your store. After pausing the store, the button will change to “Restart store”. Clicking on it will restart your store again.

How to Improve my sales?

You can choose to hire an expert to help you improve your sales. To do so, go to “Settings” in your dashboard. Click on “Manage account”. and at the bottom of the page you will find “Hire Shop expert”. Click on it and a popup will be displayed where you have to fill in your details and click “Submit”. An expert advisor will get back to you soon with advice.

Why should I have a staff to my event/store?

To manage your store/event when you’re not available, staff is needed. It allows you to delegate responsibilities of the store to other people in case you’re busy. The owner of the shop has to give permissions for which areas of the store/event the staff can access.

How to add a staff to my store/event?

To add a staff member to your store/event, visit the “Manage account” section in the “Settings”. Click on “Staff Accounts”. You can create 2 staff members. Click on “Add staff account” to have a popup display. Fill in details like name, email address and permissions that you wish to give to the staff and click the “Send Invite” button. A confirmation popup will be displayed and clicking on “Confirm” will send an invite to that staff.(For more details refer to HELP CENTRE 5.4.6)

How do I change themes?

Go to “My stores” in your dashboard. Locate the “Themes” option. Opening themes will show you a set of themes from where you can choose the perfect theme for your store by clicking on “Set as default” for the theme of your choice.

How do I get reports for event and shop?

Visit the “Analytics” page under “My Stores” in your dashboard. You can see overview graphs for Total Sales, Total Online Store Visits, Repeat Customers, Product Bids and Average Cost per Customer. You can also sort and view the analytics by giving year, start date and end date. Clicking on “View Reports” will display the reports for the selected period. Analytics for Events can be located under “My Events” tab where you will find “Event analytics” in order to view the reports in a similar way.

How do I point my store to subdomain or domain?

  1. Login to your Domain.com account.
  2. Click on the My Domains button,click on Manage DNS Records.
  3. Add A Record in domains with the domain.com with the IP shared by us.
  4. Add C Record in domains with the sub.domain.com with the IP shared by us.

Outsource Medium FAQ's

What is Outsource Medium?

Outsource-Medium is our mid-level package that offers options to customize your front end via React.js for an annual rate of $2,750 per year with added benefits of multiple seller stores with multiple vendors.

Is Outsource-medium safe to use?

Yes. We use the best security practices to ensure our customers’ details and records are kept safe and secure. Shopping and selling online is extremely convenient and Outsource promises to provide a safe and totally reliable experience in your online store. .

Which all operating systems Support Outsource-medium?

Always use upto date browsers so as to enjoy all the benefits of Outlook. All the basic browsers support Outsource Google Chrome,Mozilla Firefox,Apple Safari,Microsoft Edge,Opera,Google Chrome for Android etc

Can a person make code modifications in the full version of Outsource-medium?

Customers can control the front-end React.js. For other modifications, you have to use our existing APIs.

Are there any restrictions in hosting our software?

Yes, there are some restrictions – the front-end react.js can be host anywhere you want while the back-end will reside with us. Although, for a streamlined, full stack hosting experience, we recommend you opt for Outsource-Large with full benefits.

What is the payment type bulk or monthly instalments?

For Outsource-Medium, the charges aref $2,750/Year.

Can we use our own domain name in Outsource-Medium?

Yes, you can use your preferred Domain name which you can point to the front-end of the site.

To start with Outsource-Medium, do I need to have an Outsource-Small account?

No, all plans are independent of each other. You’re free to choose the one that suits you best. However, you can upgrade from Small to Medium or Large and Medium to Large plans.

Is it available all over the world?

Yes , indeed.

Outsource Large FAQ's


Large is our top tier package where a custom design and features are built as per the customer's request. It costs $5,000 per year. Both the front-end and back-end can be individually tailored to meet your needs.

What features are available in the Large package as compared to the lower tiers?

A much more detailed Outsource administrative access panel, tons of apps and dedicated support. You can have multiple stores, coupled with multiple buyers and sellers and can even create your own brand and stores within your brand. It's akin to a virtual mall experience.

What are the languages supported by Outsource large?

Every web app we build is available with 5 languages out of the gate. You can easily add more, if required. If any customer needs assistance in translation, we work closely with internal translators (and not Google Translate).

Is it safe to use Outsource large?

Shopping and selling online is extremely convenient and Outsource promises to provide a safe and totally reliable experience in your online store.

Can we use our own domain name in Outsource-large?

Yes, you can have your preferred Domain name where you can point to the front-end of the site, and the website runs with your Domain name. You can input your domain name and build your site quickly.

What browsers does Outsource Large support ?

Always use up-to-date browsers so as to enjoy all the benefits of Outsource. All the basic browsers support Outsource - Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Google Chrome for Android etc.

How much for multiple stores on Outsource-large?

Full benefit of all the apps and services in Outsource Large is available at $5,000 per year.

Do we have to pay the entire amount upfront for large projects?

The payment cycle of the Large project is based on Phase completion (Design Phase, Development Phase 1 or 2 , Admin Panel Phase, Testing and Delivery). A partial advance has to be paid upfront at the start of the project. The remaining amounts are to be paid as each milestone is achieved.

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