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Micro Services

Now with the new Microservices feature you can choose from numerous independent services and choose what suits you best. Select your service and add to your cart now!

Forward Auction

Have Products and looking for clients? Choose our Forward auction to boost your business.

Reverse Auction

You have service to offer, we have plug-in to make it real-time wit our Reverse auction.

Penny Auction

All in to do a good deed?
Buy our penny auction service right away.


Keep your business statistic up to date with our analytics plug-in.


Do your business with a team of vendors with our multi-vendor service.


Promote your Business at the palm of the world with Mobile App pug-in.

Project Management

Tired of maintaining people, use the project management service to handle it for you.


Have your personalised Chat software to communicate with your customers.


Have your personalised Email software to send out your marketing mails with ease.


Choose our SMS service, to notify your clients about products at the palm of their hands.

Content Writing

Need tagline or a catchy phrase, engage with our Content writing service.


Enable your products to be added in the shopping cart with our cart service

Request a Quote

Do not settle for a fixed price, negotiate with our Get a quote and declare the best price for your business.

Make an Offer

Don't wait for a quote, opt for the Get a Price feature and seal your deal today.

Employee Management

Manage all your employees at your fingertips with our Employee managment tool.


Secure your websites online payment with Paypal Plug-in.


Boost your e-commerce payment system with Braintree service.


Choose a less expensive and more secure payment with Stripe plug-in.

Have e-check your website payments with plug-in.

Authentication & Authorization

Double check your users with our specialized login and registration modules with double verification.

Machine Learning

Teach your system the business algorithm and earn hassle-free business!

Ticket Reservation

Save your time on queues with ticket resevation Plug in.


Enable Alexa to ease your job with our Alex plug-in.


The last minute autobid firing can be a boost for your product.